What a bike rider needs – a Cykelslangen !


Copenhagen has a goal. And pursues it relentlessly. By the end of 2015, the Danish capital wants to become one of the most bike friendly in the world. After Superkilen many thought that Copenhagen has already earned this title, however, the city has a very ambitious strategy of cycling yet to be developed.

The Cykelslangen (=cycle snake ) is a bridge for cyclists on the inner harbor of Copenhagen. The structure consists of a steel bridge 190 meters long and 30 meters of ramps. The bidirectional bike path colored orange is four meters wide and is located twenty feet above the water. The integrated lighting makes driving at night much safer. In addition, the illuminated bridge is a unique design element in the harbor. The construction costs were approximately 5.1 million euro.

“Underneath, there’s a harbor front, so there are slow moving-pedestrians,” says Mikael Colville-Anderson, CEO of Copenhagenize, a Danish design company. “It wasn’t a smooth commute for the cyclists. The people on bikes want to get home and the pedestrians want to saunter. Pedestrian-cyclist conflict was never an issue, but cyclists couldn’t pedal at a constant speed, and they had to deal with stairways. The new roadway, which runs one story above the ground, lets them move without interruption. “

Who hasn’t been to Copenhagen or is not a fan of the bikes, may not understand the importance of this bridge. And from my personal experience cycling around Copenhagen is a unique experience. As is this bridge – cyclists can not only continue with their constant speed without mixing with pedestrians, but will also enjoy the beautiful view of the harbour!

In two words – a city that cannot be seen all in only one week. Can’t wait to go back!






a48d5246951ce6612990830d2957f0e2Credits: Berlingske, The Guardian, Photos from Architizer

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