Vicente Ganesha’s bohemian home in Ibiza

Vicente Ganesha ‘s house in Ibiza is a pure reflection of his way of being bohemian, without inhibitions, and his beloved 70s.

vicente ganesha living room ibiza nook twelve

Vicente Hernández, better known as Vicente Ganesha, was living in London when he decided to move to the island after watching the movie More by Barbet Schroeder. “I always had it very close but it was this film that sparked my interest in the island, and once here, I never returned to Paris or London or Guardamar. Its light, barefoot people on the street, music, the life and letting live … I understood that it was my place and where I wanted to be.”

In 1977 he opened together with several partners the store The End, but over the years he decided to devote himself to what always attracted him: buy in markets and then resell. And that was the beginning of his famous Ganesha stores. “What I like most is the old, the worn out, the faded, the treasures that nobody pays attention to, with its imperfections and the weight of the years. For me that is art. Sometimes it turns out that without knowing it I bought a jewel, a piece by a well-known author.” says Vicente.

vicente ganesha living room ibiza nook twelve
vicente ganesha living room ibiza nook twelve

Shortly after opening the store, he bought the upstairs. Later he got the permits to build a second floor and roof and began works together with architect Cristina González. On the first floor are nestled the living room, dining room and kitchen, with separate bathroom, and floor to ceiling bookshelves for his numerous books and vinyl records. On the second floor are the bedroom, a small living room, an office and another bathroom. The decoration is casual, “not pursued”, where pieces of 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s live in harmony and peace. “I don’t want any style, I find it or it finds me. I put everything as I think it looks good, and I often change the decoration, because I’m always watching and learning.”

Read more about the design pieces in the house on Vicente’s website:

Information and quotes: Architectural Digest Spain | Photos: Pablo Zamora for ADSpain 2014

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