Top Interior Trends for 2017

After numerous fairs such as imm Cologne, Maison & Objet, Stockholm Furniture Fair and so on, it is time for a little recap of the top interior trends for 2017.

You’ll be reading at this time of year a lot about trends in furniture and colors. Some of the trends, such as the Pantone selected color Greenery, we knew already. Others, like velvet, made their return gracefully by taking place in the most furniture collections for 2017. Before we take a look, let’s have something in mind – trends come and go. Be sure to know first what’s best for your house or space.

Top interior trends for 2017


Artisanal. Beautiful hand craved cabinets, bamboo tables, softly woven textiles pieces that show a glimpse of the hands that created them.

Mirrors are BIG right now. Especially round ones, shaped a bit unusually or with an antique effect – the more the better.

Bold lighting and groups of pendant lights that makes an impact are very important right now. Grouping definitely creates a mood as well as impact and nothing above your table should be boring! Lights that make you stop and stare. Go for those.

Modular and multifunctional furniture. Sofas, tables, it should all have more than one way to use and enjoy it. It can be repositioned, used to work, to play, to sleep, to accommodate guests etc.

top interior trends for 2017

Colors, materials, texture

Bold tones, but not the typical saturated hues like pure red, blue, violet… The colors are definitely more moody, shaded and cozy. White and wood are also classics, but companies are giving us more bold solutions for kitchen units, countertops or side tables.

Luxe materials and texture. Marble and colored glass are definitely on trend. Velvet, leather, linen, crystal, wool, anything that makes you want to touch it. Metal is everywhere too. Frames, legs, lighting, kitchens, everything – but way more understated and matte than before, not so much bling.

Painted walls or multi-colored walls are now on point. White is definitely not trending right now and walls need to be in color, mostly bold moody tones as mentioned. Another trend is to use different colors on your walls or paint the walls in unique ways with more than one color (such as 3/4 of the way up, one color, and the top, another). Being playful but still maintaining a sophisticated vibe.

Curtains semi-sheer and very lightweight that almost look like netting. Others more dramatic and in lush materials used as room dividers. There is a huge revival in fabrics for interiors at the moment. Layering rugs is getting popular too.


The indoor outdoor trend was everywhere also last year, but now it seems even more captivating. After the big plants, baskets of foliage suspended from the ceiling is taking over together with blossoms everywhere and anywhere.

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