SPA at Home

Have you ever thought of having a spa at home?

“There is no beauty without some strangeness” said Edgar Allan Poe.
SPA at home with Teuco and Grazia

This reflects exactly the style that I would like for my bathroom.  If your bathroom was a wellness center? Oh, I do. Every day after the daily run I imagine myself entering in a spa and cuddling in a nice bath tub … But at my house the bathroom is the only room that I do not like, too minimalist and commercial. So if I change it, I would do it this way:

I would put the tub in the center of the bath, it is not practical but it changes it’s appearance and make it more inviting. If you do not like the idea, you can always place it close to the wall, adding even a shower curtain – choose it very glam!
SPA at home with Teuco and Grazia
We need to create comfort – placing a chair or stool, a soft rug, a plant and a samll table. I’ll take off the traditional lighting and put a chandelier.
Also would choose non-standard colors. Such as the total black, but if it seems to you too much, choose only a dark floor or wall in indigo or eggplant. I assure you that you will love it.
Transforming functional spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms, as if they are living rooms, totally changes their atmosphere!
But for the bath tub – I would choose something classic – modern, very sophisticated, something from the new collection of TEUCO. Their collaboration with Carlo Colombo reflects entirely my desire to create a real SPA at home. To create a comfortable home with stylish design.
It is called Accademia and with I Bordi consists the unpublished program Autoritratti, story of a new classicism reinterpreted in a modern key. I love the harmony and classy clean lines. Behind all that beauty there is a selection of the most searched raw materials – from Carrara marble at Stone Gray, from Onice to the unmissable Duralight ® till the most exclusive finishes. The beauty of this collection is not just that – for the first time TEUCO presents a series of furniture and accessories which includes carpets, chairs, appliques and chandeliers to complete with sophistication the design of your bathroom.
What may be lacking in a bathroom so precious?


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