Six Masquespacio Studio Projects in Valencia, Spain

Masquespacio is a spanish creative consultancy founded by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse. The design agency combines interior design and marketing to create custom-made branding and interior projects through an unique approach that results in fresh and innovative concepts.

One of the latest Masquespacio projects is The RUBIO store space for both children and adults, located in the centre of Valencia. There are numerous spaces and activities to discover, including the curious peep-hole in the shop window, a time machine with augmented reality goggles and a roulette that explains the publisher’s history, a speaker that tells tales and the tunnel of colour. An interactive place full of surprises!

Kaikaya is the first tropical sushi restaurant in Valencia – a project inspired by the owner’s life when she lived in Brazil and her passion about surf, along with a touch of Japan. The design features bold colours and an eclectic style – circles of raffia referencing the kasa hats that Japanese workers wear in the rice fields and lavish green plants adding to the Brazilian vibe. A festive palette of colours makes the tile patterns pop while parrot lamps with a palm leaf give the place a seventies Brazilian vibe.

Hikari Yakitori Bar gives the sense of visiting one of the most authentic streets of Tokyo. “The reinterpretation of the Kabukicho, Omoide Yokocho y Hajimeya alleys is done through a monochrome colour scheme represented by grey and rusty finishes, as well as a touch of wood that adds warmth to the overall concept. The light sculptures hanging from the ceiling and the walls are a metaphor of the neon signs that create a strong visual pollution on the bustling streets of Tokyo”.

In search of a healthier lifestyle Valencian’s entrepreneur Eduardo Hijlkema started to investigate Japanese food. After witnessing the need to offer a high-quality sushi take away with a range of reasonable prices, he started to play with the idea to found Kento. Masquespacio helped with the design by creating an overall design that offers the possibility to add other types of Oriental food without being related totally to Japan.

After the successful opening of the first Kento, Hijlkema decided to continue with his expansion plan. Although this time he decided to open a shop 100% focussed on a take away service. It was also important to make it different from the first one, while maintaining the brand identity. The design of the venue at Carrer de Cirilo Amorós needed to create an amplifying effect for which a mirror was used to make the space look bigger. Colours of the existing brand identity were used, while preserving the colours and materials of the existing building.

The third venue that Masquespacio designed for Kento its the biggest until now. The design takes advantage of the interior architecture, maintaining the high ceiling and the big window. The furniture and lighting, differently from the other Kento San Vincente interiors, use a limited amount of gold and bright pops of color. The main materials used were mosaic combined with wooden ceiling, reminiscing the roadside food stands in Japan.

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