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L’esprit de l’escalier – That feeling you get when you leave a conversation and think about all the things you should have said.  Oh, Paris, I still have so much things to say to you…

You can fall in love with Paris for so many reasons – the history,the architecture, the art galleries, the macarons and pain au chocolat, the foie gras… Even the rain is lovely in Paris! Do not listen to those people who were disappointed from their trips – may be they didn’t find the magic in Paris. Remember : Everything you’ll read before your trip will be helpful but only you can live the city, your only guidebook should be the one you’ll write yourself! But if you are wondering where to start keep reading my improvised little Paris guide :)

tour eiffel (1)


Paris is really big and when it comes to choosing a place to stay it can be difficult to choose where. Every arrondissement has its charm. We rented an apartment in the 10th arondissemenrt near Canal Saint Marten and Gare de l’Est. This area is full with shops, bars and restaurants and during the summer you can find the Parisians sipping wine while talking by the canal. It’s not the typical area full with tourists ( only near Gare de l’Est and Gare de Nord) and that’s why I loved it.

canal saint marten (1)


canal saint marten (2)


I’m a morning bird and I like to be the first in the coffee shop to grab my espresso, so I really enjoyed our breakfasts at PAUL in Gare de l’Est. We just sat and watch how the parisians were hurrying up to the subway while choosing the first destination for the day.

In our first evening in Paris we stayed near home and went to BANG! Viandes du Monde  where you can choose by variety of meat to cook with your own hands on a hot stone. They have also a great wine list and delicious sauces. Then to finish our special first night we went to the Eiffel Tower just to see the midnight magic lights which illuminates the sky. Oh,Paris…

If you want to try a good american burgers and pommes frites, go to Allen’s Market – a modern place on Rue du Chateau d’Eau in 10eme.

A must stop after your visit at Musee d’Orsay is Le Deux Musees – fast service and good food for starving people. And great coffee!

If  you go to Centre Pompidou stop by the Creperie Beaubourg at Place Igor Stravinsky to try the delicious crepes. And to enjoy the street artists by the Stravinsky fountain.



place igor stravinsky


pompidou (2)

pompidou (1)

pompidou (3)


If you love to explore, a lovely walk around Le Marais will suit you. Plenty of shops, art galleries, cafes, restaurants  where you can stop for some take away pastries which you’ll eat later on Place des Vosges .

Ile Saint-Louis – there’s no better place in Paris for a picnic by the Seine! Actually during the summer time it’s common to see parisians eating gelato or macarons while admiring the sunset. If you heading to Notre Dame (situated on the other island Ile de la Cité) don’t take the subaway but walk the distance, it’s definitely worth the few more steps!

Champs Elysees by night – start from Arc de Triomphe and walk all the way down to Place de la Concorde, stop by Ladurée for some macarons or just watch the passing cars and the millions of lights!

This is not all, Paris has so much to offer you… Just be patient, plan your time, but with no rush. Paris loves you, just open your heart and feel the magic ♥


champs elysees

arc de triomph


notre dame (1)

notre dame (3)

louvre (1)

louvre (3)

tour eiffel (2)

monmartre (2)

sacre coeur

monmartre (1)

monmartre (3)

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