Eart tones Ibiza house by Annabel Kutucu

Fabulous, simple, hippie-chic with earth tones Ibiza house created by interior designer Annabell Kutucu.

ibiza house

Warm, paradise-style ibiza house.

This island getaway in Ibiza has me dreaming about my first visit there . Natural and earthy, rustic and raw, textured and tranquil. Designed and styled by Berlin-based Annabell Kutucu. There wasn’t information availabe about the owner or the house’s history. However, there is something magical.
I will use the blank space between the photos the share some personal things. Soon there will be an article about another balearic island or two. To follow also Berlin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam guides. I hope to sqeeze in my personal work as an interior designer also. But for now, enjoy this amazing spanish drem house.

ibiza house 4-min








Photography Steve Herud

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