Q & A: Stephanie Duval about her daughter Juliet’s room

Stephanie Duval about baby Juliet's Room

When I first discovered Stephanie Duval ’s blog 70 Percent Pure it gave me the inspiration I needed to create my own blog. I love her simplicity, how natural she looks and especially her taste. One of my first posts ever was about this hotel in Copenhagen where she stayed at.

Stephanie Duval about baby Juliet's Room

Stephanie Duval about baby Juliet's Room

When she shared that she was expecting her first child I was so happy for her. And I couldn’t wait to see the nursery! Right after she gave birth, I saw some photos and I immediately fell in love not only with Juliet, but with her room too. There were no pink or Barbie Doll stuff, no commercial prints or too much decoration. The less is more thing works actually perfect for children. Then I promised myself that whenever I decide to share a nursery décor here, it will be like Juliet’s. Or as I said later to Stephanie, I want Juliet’s room to be the first nursery ever shared on the blog. After a while I was glad to hear from Stephanie. With Juliet growing up, some things changed in the room; there are some (pale) pink, some peach. But here’s what we chatted about and the snaps of the cutest nursery ever:

Stephanie Duval about baby Juliet's Room

Stephanie Duval about baby Juliet's RoomStephanie Duval about baby Juliet's Room

Stephanie Duval about baby Juliet's Room

Stephanie Duval about baby Juliet's Room

Stephanie Duval about baby Juliet's Room

Stephanie Duval about baby Juliet's Room

Stephanie Duval about baby Juliet's Room

What was the first thing you bought for Juliet’s room?

S: I think the very first thing must have been her Miffy lamp. I love the Miffy cartoon – it is whimsical, friendly and at the same time very minimal. It embodies what I want in terms of aesthetics for children. It’s also just a really cozy light that you can dim to create a really cozy atmosphere.

How did you decided about the color scheme? What made you (later) change your mind about using some color?

S: At first I didn’t want to change a thing to our interior design: it’s all very minimal, white and grey and black. I didn’t think having kids should change who you are and how you live in that way. But ever since Juliet arrived, I’ve been wanting to create a warmer and cozier atmosphere. Suddenly my childhood memories came rushing back and I realized kids don’t give a damn about minimalism, they just want a happy vibe. So I’ve been allowing some color in our lives and environment, though I’m opting for very natural and earthy hues – definitely not the garishly bright typical children’s colors!

Your favorite item in Juliet’s room? Which brands do you prefer?

S: My favorite item in Juliet’s room has to be her changing table from Budtz&Bendix. I discovered the brand before they were even available in Belgium, and was so delighted to finally see children’s furniture that matched our interior design. It’s very cool, and at the same time whimsical, because the changing table transforms into a tent when you no longer need it!

Did you do all by yourself and did hubby helped? (I don’t know why I’m asking, some papas-to-be are very excited about everything)

S: Ha-ha, my husband was very supportive, but he knows when to back off and let me do my thing. I do ask for his opinion all the time, and if he really doesn’t like something, I won’t push it through. He generally loves what I come up with though, and he’s always there to help me assemble things :)

What are you plans about the room when she grows up? If you ever thought about that.

S: I do want to add some more options for her to turn the room into her own world. Right now everything is functional for the parents: lots of storage, the changing table, a big chair for us to feed her in at night… I want to add some tiny furniture for her to sit at her own table and color, a little kitchen for her to play make belief, some doll furniture perhaps, a drawing board… Whatever she will love to play with!

Soon Juliet will turn one and she is the cutest, but if you want to see more photos of her or her room, just check Stephanie Duval ‘s amazing blog.

P.S. Below you can find more details about Juliet’s furniture!

Stephanie Duval about baby Juliet's Room

On the shelf:

White metal shelf unit from danish brand VIPP // Juliet’s lightbox from a dutch couple discovered VIA INSTAGRAM // Cloud mobile from PINCH TOYS // Little bunny lamp from BON TON // Design letters via STUDIO AIMEE

Changing corner:

Juliet’s changing table by BUDTZ&BENDIX // Posters against the wall from PLAYTYPE // Miffy Lamp via COSYGIFTS.BE //  VIPP trash bin

Sleep corner:



IKEA file cabinet // Pinecone poster from PAPER COLLECTIVE // Dotted basket from cérise sur le gateau and little ghost rattlefrom fabelab – both via STUDIO AIMEE // Bunny from JELLYCAT // White wire basket from SERAX // Rocking horse from OOH NOO // Soft toys from DONNA WILSON, RICE BABY and UGLY DOLL // Black-and-white NESTING DOLLS // Mint green toybag from KAOS // House pillow from PEEK&PACK

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