Gifts Packaging – Why it’s so important?


Christmas holidays are some of the best holidays during the year. We spend a lot of time searching for the best gift, but sometimes we are juuust fine with the paper bag from the store (plus the shiny ribbon). Do you like it when you receive a gift like that? I don’t.

First impressions are everything.

To wrap a gift isn’t just about covering the gift in paper. It’s about going one step further. And for the recipient, it’s about the anticipation, the excitement of discovering what’s inside. I remember how my mom always wrapped the gifts under the christmas tree and it seemed even more beautiful. And now I’m wrapping every single gift, even when I buy chocolates for someone. Here are some things I learned:

  • Pick a quality paper. I don’t mean a paper that costs a lot. Buy a thicker one and chose the colors carefully. Too many colors and not good prints can ruin the whole aspect.
  • Wrap the gift with nice ribbon and try to make it as symmetric as possible (using a box or hard cover will make it easier). If the paper is colorful put a one-colored ribbon or vice versa.
  • Try to avoid shiny paper or ribbons. Two or three colors max would make the gift more classy.
  • Add one piece of flower, leaf, a small christmas ornament … Use your imagination and make the gift different!

Gifts Packaging - Why it's so important?


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