Etosoto Formentera – A Sustainable Beachfront Finca

Etosoto Formentera is the epitome of slow life and boho-chic, with an innovative concept and vision of the future. Located on the eastern side of the Island, in Es Pedral (Cala en Baster), it is probably the most sustainable finca on the Balearic Islands.


Etosoto aims to preserve the natural beauty of the landscape with new permaculture techniques and the work of talented organic farmers. Its original name comes from Eto, which is an acronym for Earth-To-Orbit and Soto which means ‘outside’ in Japanese and comes from the Zen Buddhist school of thought. In fact, the starting point has been to create a place of general spirit of freedom, conscience and creativity, where to share knowledge and experiences within an environment that focuses on well-being.


The owners, two French brothers Julien and Grégory Labrousse, have restored a group of traditional farms using materials of natural origin such as stone, bamboo and linen. For the interior design, with the help of Elsa Kikoine, they chose basic colours such as white and sand. The residence includes nine bedrooms and suites in the main finca, two little houses on the beach and a large patio.


At the entrance, the white patio illuminates the first two rooms and leads to a small garden overseen by an old tree. From there, two open doors lead directly to the sea, while another shows the way to a large terrace overlooking an infinite paradise of blue sea, sky and snow-white rocks. The rest of the ten rooms are divided into two other small houses facing the sea. Everything has been designed to the detail – natural products from Susanne Kaufmann in the bathroom, organic breakfasts by the naturopath Céleste Candido and organic orchard behind the main house.

In Etosoto there are various workshops, naturopathy classes, fasting weeks, hiking weeks, slow food cooking classes and Yoga retreats for the mind and body. It is also a kids friendly location where children can do various rural activities or simply enjoy the pool. Perfect for those looking for enriching experiences.


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