Es Bec D’Aguila – Exquisite Finca in Menorca

Es Bec D’Aguila is nestled in Menorca, the green heart of the Balearic Islands, just minutes away from untouched coves and crystal-clear waters.

Menorca is not the typical place for mass tourism and thanks to that its natural environment has remained largely unspoilt. Its small size means it’s easy to travel around and discover the island’s picturesque little villages and a genuine local culture and cuisine.


But the story of Es Bec d’Aguila started in the 19th century when a family of Menorcan merchants built their weekend getaway on the top of a hill. Later, its current owners renovated it and brought it back to life with elements of classical Minorcan architecture authentic vaulted ceilings and Cuban handmade tiles.

With the help of local artisans and innovating architects, the finca was restored respecting its heritage, but still introducing something modern. The ground floor, full of light, with vaulted ceilings and white walls, exudes a very calming, Menorcan atmosphere. The first floor has a stronger personality with a rich palette of colours, while the second floor has a more minimalistic feel. Each room is a unique creation with rich, colourful authentic tiles and stunning panoramic views of the Menorcan countryside.

Also, the property has a beautiful jardin a la francaise with garden pavilion and fountain, and terraces offering a magnificent sunset over the hills of Minorca. Evening long drinks can be sipped at the English club style living room with its green marble bar, library and card game table. The property offers many activities such as petanque, a ceramic workshop and many sports activities. For those longing a little bit of relaxation, dreamy siestas await in the hammocks hanging from the pine trees.


Information courtesy of |Photos: Karel Balas

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