Dutch Design Week 2015

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Last week, together with Creo Studio , we visited for the first time the inspiring design expo’s of  Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, NL. During the nine days there were presentations and designers in more than 80 different locations. Unfortunately we managed to see only the Strijp Area. And it happened to be really interesting and more interior design oriented.

We were coming from Amsterdam so when we arrived at the station we hopped immediately on one of the Volvo taxis that took us to the Strijp Area where we get our Press badges along with more detailed information about the possible design routes suitable for us.

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Dutch Design Week is different from other design events, because it concentrates on the designs of the future. Although during the event every imaginable discipline and aspect of design was on offer, the emphasis was on experiment, innovation and cross-overs. Exceptional attention each year goes to work and development of young talent. This year DDW celebrated the power of imagination with the question that moves every designer and sparks all innovation. The question for everyone who believes everything can be done better, more beautifully and more efficiently, and who sees a challenge in every problem. Good examples of this were the ‘Chilling in a Box’ from the BioArt Laboratories, ‘Playing Life exhibition’ by Transnatural Art & Design and the exhibition ‘It’s Your World’, in which designers used everyday and less everyday issues (refuse, health, industry) to speculate on what design could mean for us all and for tomorrow’s world.

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It’s your world

Our daily waste, the manufacture of mobile telephones, the bacteria on our skin or asylum seekers who have been denied residency.  These are not topics we immediately associate with design. But these are in fact the areas where smart design or the power of imagination in design can make a difference. The special presentation of ideas and solutions is a preview of tomorrow’s world, and a showcase of what design can mean for us all.


Bottle-Up – Six designers exploring solutions for the glass refuse problem on the island of Zanzibar. Discover how the empty bottles story ends at bottle-up.org

grab a seat

De kas

Agri Meets Design + Nature Meets Design


There were so many participants, but I selected a little collection of cool designs and ideas from Strijp Area. For the other areas check out the official web site of DDW.

ddw (1)

true colors

True colors reveals what no one can see with the naked eye – using plain markers and water. For more info follow rENs

onwerp duo

Novecento – the romantic collection of Ontwerpduo inspired by early twentieth sentury design.

wdka takes the floor

WdKA takes the Floor is a selection of works produced by Willem de Kooning Academy’s product design students. They created two semi-finished products based on natural ingredients such as flaxed seed oil, sawdust, cork and natural resin – Furniture linoleum and Bulletin Board.

zuiderzee lamp (2)

Zuiderzee Lamp is created to perserve your most important objects and put them on a display. For the showroom the Zuiderzee Museum asked five dutch designers to present their favorite items with a story attached to it.


Bulbo Lamp is something I want in my house – made in Italy, with Bulbo you can grow your own fruit and vegetables at home all year around. Bulbo is following the plant’s life cycle by using selected light frequencies – something like having sunlight in a lamp.

Piet Hein Eek (1)

Piet Hein Eeek’s retail store, workshop, showroom and much more were the firts thing we visited . The creative minds

of the young designers along with years of manufacturing and experience is an amazing combination.

Piet Hein Eek (3)

Piet Hein Eek (4)

Piet Hein Eek (5)

Piet Hein Eek (2)

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