Danish Weeks – Where to Shop

I will start this week with showing you some shops in Copenhagen – really nice danish places not only because of the things they’re selling, but also their design.

The first place is called GRØD. It means porridge or gruel and has a number of breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices ranging from classic oatmeals to riffs on risotto and congee. It’s the Copenhagen budget-friendly shop.

Photo ↑ via Ms. Marmite Lover.

The ultimate retro-modern shop No. 40 Copenhagen is an eclectic array of French vintage and industrial goods: weighty metal files, dramatically scaled lighting, medical ward cast offs, and vintage locker room fare. There’s also texture—woven baskets and rustic farmhouse tables—to punctuate the darkness.

Image ↑ via The Happy Mango.

Images ↑ via What Katie Does.
Black Concept Store by Anne Black is located at the corner of Gammel Kongevej in Frederiksberg,Copenhagen.She is one of Denmark’s star ceramic artists and recently opened her entirely painted in white shop in Copenhagen.
Photos ↑ via SoFiliumm.
Maritime Antiques instead offers a fascinating mix of nautical paraphernalia and nautical fashion, including S.N.S. Herning fisherman sweaters and handmade leather bags.
Photo via Remodelista.
I also like the store of Han Kjøbenhavn – it’s a men’s clothing store but I adore it.
Photo via Remodelista.

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