Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide: Architecture Lovers

With a few days left until the holidays, here is my Christmas gift guide dedicated to all architecture and design lovers.

tsumiki-blocks-three-packages christmas gift guide achritecture lovers

Tsumiki Architectural Building Blocks by Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma
Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has collaborated with forest conservation organization More Trees to produce a set of beautifully packaged and unusually designed building blocks for children. The simple triangle-shaped wooden blocks are called Tsumiki (“wooden blocks” in Japanese). Made of Japanese cedar wood, the elements can be combined and stacked to create small buildings and sculptures.

amsterdam-cityscape-framed-5000-lifestyle-large christmas gift guide

Chisel & Mouse 3D Cty Scapes

Using a mix of new and old techniques Chisel & Mouse make architecturally sculptures; model buildings and 3d city scapes perfect for every architecture lover.

il_570xn-1107994210_kdzd christmas gift guide

MonarchCo maps and prints

Beautiful reproductions of old maps, vintage scientific illustration prints, luxurious wall decor and many other gorgeous fine art prints to deck the walls with.

iconic-card-game christmas gift guide

Iconic Card Game by Cinqpoints

Iconic is a card game conceived like an invitation to discover contemporary architecture through a well-known game : seven family card game. If my boss loved it, everyone will!

architects-pencils-set gift guide

Cinqpoints’ 5 pencils set for architects

Born out of the joint imagination of Cinqpoints and La Petite Papeterie Française, this set of 5 pencils & foldable scale ruler is an homage to the great architects.


Gestalten’s selection of architecture books

There is a striking beauty in a well-built structure. This selection of architecture books provides an insider’s look at innovative buildings in every climate and context. From coastal cabins to contemporary mobile homes, the dwellings in the books are brilliant examples of the outer limits of innovative interiors and exteriors.


Nook Twelve wishes you a Merry Chrismas and Happy Holidays!

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