Casas na Areia. Portugal.

 Casas na Areia defers to local traditions.

 Casas na Areia is certanly one of my next destinationsExactly  one year ago I was on the plane, flying to Lisbon, Portugal. Oh, so much memories! I’ll never forget this vacation, this city, this atmosphere… I once told you a little about Lisbon’s architecture but this hotel brought me back there… In the lazy afternoons laying in my bed in the Bairro Alto apartment on Praça Luís de Camões and listening to the street musicians downstairs…

But back to nowdays… initially started as a project for a weekend house only, soon morphed in a small hotel project consisting of 4 separate buildings sitting in idyllic beachside surrounds 1 hour out of Lisbon. Designed by architect Manuel Aires Mateus, Casas na Areia defers to local traditions for the buildings construction with two buildings made of wood and reeds while the other 2 buildings are made in white concrete with thatched roofing.



    • 31/05/2014 / 11:20

      Grazie Claudia! Appena ho qualche minuto risponderò a tutte le domande! A presto ♥

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