Casa Santa Teresa by Amelia Tavella Architects

Casa Santa Teresa is located on Corsica’s idyllic coastline, along the Route des Sanguinaires. Set in a triangular plot, the 1950s residence had been abandoned for decades, becoming overgrown with wild vegetation. But the allure of its fabulous beach frontage never dimmed.

casa santa teresa nook twelve thibaut dini
casa santa teresa nook twelve thibaut dini

For the architect Amelia Tavella, native to the island, it was an opportunity to rebuild the property without leaving behind its soul, its spirit. The design focuses on making the most of this idyllic location by opening the interiors toward the sun dappled terraces. Al fresco dining tables and lounges lead down to the five-metre-long saltwater plunge pool with unspoilt vistas of the Gulf of Ajaccio. To connect the interior and exterior of Casa Santa Teresa, the architect used a trio of timber-framed glass doors which opens completely without obstructing the view. Inside, the house is split over various levels, with the more social areas located on the lower floors and a wooden staircase connecting the upper rooms.

” The smooth white facade never hits the sky, the plants, the flowers remain the guardians of the swimming pool and its terrace. It is the quintessential vacation home, the one that haunts my memory of happy childhood evenings, when the night embraces the day and beauty is a celebration.”

Amelia Tavella

casa santa teresa nook twelve thibaut dini

The design honours the illustrious holiday Mediterranean resorts, by reinterpreting its codes using noble and natural materials. Each of the five bedrooms and the spacious living spaces features a soothing palette of chestnut, lime plaster, cane, local stone, rope railings, and decorative concrete. The heart of the house is an open-plan living area with featuring a tan-brown chesterfield sofa and a couple of cane-back armchairs. For the dining area, a chunky white plinth runs around one side of the room, topped by an array of striped, turquoise and burnt-orange cushions. In the master bedroom, the colours follow the same theme while the bed frame is surrounded by gauzy white curtains. The adjacent bathroom has been finished with pearl-coloured tiles and arched mirrors, echoing the form of the doorway in the downstairs study.

casa santa teresa nook twelve thibaut dini

Photography by Thibaut Dini

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