Casa Payesa – A family home in Ibiza

Casa Payesa, the home of interior designer Virginia Nieto in Ibiza, has all the Mediterranean vibes – bright white walls, straw mats and light fixtures and a to-die-for outdoor space.

The well-known interior designer decided to acquire a property in Ibiza, where she had been traveling for some time with her family, to serve as a meeting point and a necessary stop for all of them. It took the designer almost six years to find this property and turn it into a home that reflects the true spirit of Ibiza.

“The land had many trees, which we din’t touch. The house and the pool were built around them, so it seemed that the house had been there forever, that it was a really old building, ” Virginia Nieto says. Following her wishes, the architect Alberto Gómez Noguerales created a project that respects tradition and local architecture. A building of slightly pyramidal structure, with walls of lime, porches of reed and without edges: all the walls are rounded and do not have skirting boards.

Artisanal manufacturing is part of the DNA of Casa Payesa. A large number of pieces are designed by the interior designer and were made ex profeso, others were recycled, and many were acquired in brocantes and flea markets around the world. Most of the pieces have been found in antique dealers and flea markets around the world. There are also many elements that the owner herself has designed, others have been transformed to give them new use. For example, the reupholstered chairs of the dining room, which accompany a table that used to be a bar countertop.

The original hanging lamps made of natural fibers, the bathroom mirrors, the sconces and, even, the umbrellas of the pool have been made by hand in Almería. Also great find were the green doors of the living room, bought, like other elements, from a store for used building materials in Ibiza. Now they are an outstanding element of the interior. In fact, “first were the doors and then the rest”.

As for the color palette – white walls and sand colored microcement floors give the base for a perfect combination of neutral and colorful balearic details.


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