Bosphorus Apartment: A penthouse with a view

The gorgeous Bosphorus apartment, situated in the Istanbul neighbourhood of Bebek, combines breath-taking views with a minimalist aesthetic and a sense of understated luxury.


The 330-square-meter family apartment, part of a modest 1970’s building, is strategically located on the city’s European side, on a sheltered bay with sweeping views of the waterway. In order to take full advantage of the apartment’s position and its panoramic views, the designers fromthe London-based design studio 1508 London have opted for an open plan interior for the communal spaces. They strategically placed mirrored walls, frameless floor-to-ceiling windows that wrap the perimeter of the house and a glass seamless balustrade on the balcony. The designers were so careful not to obstruct the view in any way that even the corners of the windows were especially designed and constructed in order to appear seamless. As a result, the uninterrupted, commanding vistas become a continuous, scenic wall that becomes part of the décor.


The apartment’s interior has been purposely kept sparse and uncluttered, with almost no decorative elements and all secondary features tucked away. Ceilings have been spared of most apertures, the kitchen stripped of sink and storage spaces —these were hidden behind seamless mirrored doors canvassing the entire back wall— and most of the lighting has been concealed. The “cleansed” interior thus serves as a neutral backdrop for the art but also for the vibrancy of the Bosphorus “tableau vivant” outside.

The sparseness of the interiors is also counterbalanced by the luxuriance of the materials selected, most of which were locally sourced, as well as by some intricate detailing. The off-white Turkish stone flooring for the communal spaces continuing out onto the terrace, the lacquered wood for the niche display wall and the blue onyx for the kitchen island, visually reverberating the colour of the Bosphorus waters, all add an earthy richness.




All photos and info: Yatzer

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