Between the sky and the sea…

Between the sky and the sea there is a place hidden at the very end of the road, amidst the olive groves… A place where the silence grabs you at the very first moment. A place called Rifugiomare ( Sea refuge ).

Quiet and peaceful artistic rooms with spacious grass covered garden and ah-mazing sea view – that’s Beppe and Brunetta’s B&B in Rocca San Giovanni, Abruzzo, Italy. Sometimes it’s quite surprising that places like this could be found in only an hour away from our homes. Situated on the Trabocchi coast in Abruzzo is the perfect place to discover it. I’m actually surprised that Abruzzo is not so famous destination as Tuscany or Sicilia, but on the other side I’m happy too, because it still has it’s untouched natural beauty. Desert beaches and deep clear sea, rocks and olive groves – a truly peace of heaven. And Rifugiomare completes everything.

All the 5 rooms are enhanced by very artistic touches, each one with a different theme.The art is everywhere and gives a warm, humorous touch to the place. There is an open space with summer kitchen where the guests can cook for themselfs. The old barn was transformed into a winter kitchen and spacious livingroom with a fireplace. The hosts are so welcoming – they will make you feel like it’s your own home. If you want to stay there for a dinner or lunch, Brunetta could cook for you ! Actually Rifugiomare is a part of Slow Food – global, grassroots organization with supporters in over 150 countries around the world who are linking the pleasure of good food. Founded by Carlo Petrini in the 80s it aims to defend regional traditions, gastronomic pleasure and a slow pace of life. There is actually an event promoted by Slow Food called Cala Lenta. It’s a touring manifestation dedicated to the maritime culture of Abruzzo and the discovery of the beautiful scenery of the Trabocchi coast and tasting the great local food.


Speaking of which – we went to Punta Cavalluccio for a dinner – one of the Trabocco restaurants. I trabocchi – the wooden platforms – was actually build for fishing but nowdays are one of the most famous fish restaurants along the shores of the Adriatic coast. Eating on a trabocco is a must for any fish lover not only because of the great fresh sea food, but mostly because of the connection with the sea beneath your feet.

The Abruzzo’s coast is a place to discover and we’ll definitely  come back to Rifugiomare!


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