Argentona apartment in Barcelona – YLAB Arquitectos

Argentona Apartment was once a heavily partitioned, dark space located in Barcelona’s Gracia district, before its transformation by YLAB Arquitectos.

The former 90 m2 apartment was split into six dark rooms with almost no connection to the outdoors, but the new owners wanted to transform it into a bright and open space and create a semi-exterior garden to overcome the lack of an outdoor space. YLAB Arquitectos proposed a concept that opens the façade to the inner courtyard, creating a central open L-shaped space.

The layout was shifted from classical functions towards a more flexible spaces full of clever doors that open and shut revealing or hiding the functions of daily living. For example, the kitchen-dining area is split into four zones – the cooking and the washing, breakfast and winery/bar zones. The living area is also divided into inner zones, furnished with Carl Hansen lounge chairs and a table, and a semi-exterior zone in the gallery-garden with Butterfly chairs and a Kettal table. The master bedroom is equipped with large natural wood cabinetry, which integrates a folding table dresser. The suite also includes its own bathroom that can be accessed as well through a second door from the communal area. Storage was maximized by utilizing floor-to-ceiling custom cabinetry at the perimeter of the walls. The gallery, featuring double windows both to the exterior and the interior, is also an open use space that can be used in different ways. Two large facing custom built planters, in the same natural sandstone as the floor, contain a lush garden bringing greenery into the residence.

Photos and information about Argentona Apartment by YLAB Arquitectos

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