The top 10 posts of 2015

After we kissed goodbye the past year it’s time to see the top 10 posts of 2015. Some of them I expected, some of them not. But still, I’m so happy that the most apreciated are the most important to me. The stories about my travels, the stories about design,some trends, some great ideas and amazing hotels. So let’s see…

Top 10 posts of 2015

10.  25Hours Hotel Wien beim Museumsquartier : absolutely dreamy,fun and creative. I love vienna and this hotel chain is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Plus I really love all the staff there – I’ve never met a staff like this, so kind and friendly and with the biggest smiles ever!  DSCN6040-1024x768

9. G-Rough – Rome’s Newest Design Gem  – I am may be the biggest fan of the design hotels’ collection. And when I found out that Palazzina G now have a brother (or sister, I’m now sure) I just wanted to share so badly. I love the design and how every single object tells a different story.


8. When neighbors fall in love  – Finding out about this awesome place was good. But finding out that this place was created by a bulgarian architect made me happy. And I fell in love too!

Top 10 posts of 2015

7. Dutch Design Week 2015 – it was my first time visiting,but it surely wont be the last!


6. Casa Broner – Ibiza made me belive that I never have to trust what people is saying about this island. Casa Broner is one of the treasures no one talks about. And instead of visiting the millions of shops there, just sit on that chair like N. did and enjoy the beauty of the island.


5. Salone del Mobile: The best of Denmark – This year I really enjoyed the edition of Salone del mobile in Milan. And as the post can show you, Denmark rulled this year.With so many partecipants, inspiring design and amazing quality,no wonder it’s the best.


4. Pink sweetness and Muuto – It’s not an even I’ve been to but I wished to. How can you miss a rooftop party like this!


3. Cristina Jorge de Carvalho  – I love Cristina’s designs and light touch, she’s such an inspiration to me! And I see she touched you too, the post about her is the third most read the last year! Yaaaayyy!


2. Ibiza’s Secret Places : The travel guide – Ok,here I’m so so sooo happy to see that my greatest discover this year landed the second post! My heart is literally pounding like a drum every time I look at those photos. And I’m mad at myself for turning down all the offers I’ve recieved before to visit the isla bianca. Don’t read the post if you think about partying hard. Ibiza has so much more to offer you.


1. Quick tips: How to update your home for spring? – Ok,here’s the thing I’ve never expected to see on the first place. Really,I’ve wrote so many posts but never tought that this simple trick would grab your attention. But I’m so happy! Somethimes things happen when you least expect them.  Happy re-reading!



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