”What does that mean – ‘sklada’ ? ” you would ask. It’s simple – it means the warehouse – and it comes from bulgarian.  Actually fully describes the place that I’m going to show you!
As a proud bulgarian girl, I am always happy, when in my home country something beautiful is growing up. Because the creative people are everywhere. Even in the small countries like mine. And I am excited about the idea of showing you the talents of East Europe.


So, what about this warehouse that I mentioned?

SKLADA (that’s the name) is an industrial area transformed into a gallery for design, architecture, fashion, photography. Located in the heart of the city of Sofia, Bulgaria,the space full of light is charged with energy to create extraordinary things. It’s also a studio for interior design and furniture. It’s All-In-One! Isn’t that great?!
They are working with the best designers, both established names and fresh new talents, also organizing events, exhibitions, presentations. Their missions are : ” Beauty as a Paradox, Simplicity as a Perfection, Nature as an Appearance”. And They are Galya Zannato – Director, Plamen Chonkov – Constructor Eng. and Layla Jabbar – Sales Manager. 
SKLADA is expecting you and meanwhile you can check all the past events on their Facebook page!

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