Sense of summer

Summer is the cool showers after a day in the sun, when the water washes away the sand with  skin tingling in a way even the most expensive exfoliator can’t emulate. It’s the barefoot moments on balconies at dusk when the skies wash to pink and the night feels young and thrilling because dinner isn’t until midnight and afterwards, something totally spontaneous that won’t finish until way too late.  It’s the treks to the quieter beaches and watermelons split open and dripping onto knees. The striped beach towel and the volleyball in an old mesh bag, both breaded in sand, so much sand it spills all over the floors at the front door. The late nights in shorts and bare faces sweaty and hot, hands filled with iced drinks in plastic cups.

This is the way I like summer to remain in my memories. And why not in my home too.  I shared my favorite things about the coastal style at Dalani. Al the little things that can transform your city apartment into a beach cottage. You have few days left so go and shop, bring the summer in your home.

Ibiza Summer



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