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Scents of spring

Lately the weather here is more flirtatious, airy,

with those first fresh scents of spring.

scents of spring mood board nook twelve

The sun is gently kissing the trees and the cheeks.

The lack of joy is slowly fading away as the days get longer.

There are flowers everywhere, pink blossoms and fresh vegetables.

There are more and more pinky sunsets and golden reflections in the windows.

Even the rain is better in the spring, it brings freshness like the cucumber in my cocktail.

Pink sparkling wine with cotton candy under the palm trees is not a dream anymore, but soon to be reality.

And until the season solidly arrives, the house will smell like flower shop. The kitchen will be filled with scents of spring fruits and vegetables. Meanwhile, in my head, there is this mood board I made for a client long time ago.

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