Dark drama – How to insert dark hues at home

The black is the new black, total black, noir, dark drama … We’ve seen a lot of these terms recently. Seems like we found out now about the existence of black color. Bloggers are totally obsessed with it.  Is that the (only) new trend to follow?


However, I saw a lot of posts, articles, photos about now cool is this and how great dark palettes are. And I completely agree! But just painting one wall in black and adding some black décor isn’t as easy as it seems. There are some errors that happen very often especially when you do a makeover at home (yes, it’s always different on these photos in the magazine!) so I suggest you some things.

Try before taking a decision

You have to know that when you decide to convert across the dark side there is no coming back. The look, the feel of the space… everything changes. So before you take the decision, try what color and hues and select what suits you and your space best. Never choose colors based on paint chips alone. Paint big swatches of the hue onto the walls first, it will give you a far better idea of what it’s going to look like.

Go matte.

Choose paints made mostly from natural pigments from rocks and minerals, earth and clay. Costs more but the use of multiple pigments to achieve their complex shades and that made the matte paint looks and feels like having velvety walls. The shiny paints instead make every little imperfection showing up and you don’t want that. The same things to say about the finish – chalky, flat emulsions with deep complex.

Blur the lines between the walls and the ceilings.

The walls will automatically feel taller and more sophisticated. Try, made them blend into each other beautifully. I’m not sure why we paint ceilings white… Maybe because for decades we automatically like sheep follow, follow convention and never question.


Add colour through accessories.

But not too much. In the smallest of doses they are fine, like vases, but if you overdo, it you won’t get that sophisticated look you (may be) are searching for.

Don’t neglect the lighting.

Having shadows and dark corners is a good thing – they add depth and mystery. But also could make the space feel gloomy so make sure you have table lights in multple places around the room. They will give a soft glow and atmophere.

Balance with neutral tones and/or brown

There is something about brown tones that softens many dark and bold hues and it’s so easy to add. A little occasional wooden table for example, a leather chair, cuscions… And by neutral tones, I’m talking about caramels, soft greys, milky whites.

Are you ready to go dark now?

Design by Chelsea Hing


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